The healing power of Nature


Grief and loss are all consuming, grief is a powerful and painful emotion that after a loss is normal, we experience a deep sense of pain throughout our body, that is un-describable, there are no quick fixes to grief, no tablets to heal the sadness and no treatments to fix the gaping wound left after a loss, there no knowing when that grief may come back around, no time-lines and no preparation for when it comes back and give us a hard thump in the chest. Grief is grief. There is no way of teetering around it, it is a deep sense of loss.

I have been on a roller coaster of grief in my life, loss has hit me from many angles, from losing my mum, then my dad, losing my family home, then my baby. What it has taught me though and is still teaching me, is nothing is permanent, and nothing is secure, and there are certainly no guarantees in life.

For me nature is my healer, my grounding source and my strength. Nature is my go to, my drug of choice, and my friend. I have a need to be in nature, its a life source for me, it fills up my tanks when they are low, it re-calibrates my heart and my anxious body. It re-aligns me when I am at a loss and it guides me to a peaceful mind. In nature I can heal, I can be silent in my thoughts and my words, and it gives me so much yet expects nothing in return. The trees stand in silence, they do not judge, they do not comment, they do not resist, they stand and they let the wind, sun, rain, snow and ice spin around them without judgement, they do not weep, they do not feel resentment. They just are.

Nature is beautiful in all its forms, winter, summer, spring and autumn, there is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing, I will go into the weather no matter the season, no matter the extreme, its all just weather. I find peace there, I find myself there, I find hope.

Hope is what we all search for in loss, my hope is that when I wake up in the morning and step outside that this will be a good day, and that I am open to all that may happen in this day, be it good or bad. Consider a walk today in nature, anywhere any time, nature is all around us, even in the concrete jungles of our cities, there is beauty, stop to pause, look up, listen to the birds, look for the beauty around you, it is there, we just have to tune into it, listen for the signs and be open to the stillness, be mindful where you go, feel your feet on the ground as you walk, if the body aches, be mindful of those aches, breathe into the body, and be at peace with your grief, your grief is there to help you heal, it is there to allow sorrow in our hearts, it is there for a reason, allow nature to walk with you in your grief and sorrow, allow nature to help you heal, allow nature to give you hope in your life…..

Thanks Alannah


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Author: alannahdawson

I write because I love words, nature, mountains and the sea, so I bring it all together in my blog. I packed up life in Dublin and moved with my eight year boy, two dogs and our hamster Bear, to Sligo in the West of Ireland, where the mountains reach the seas, the weather is moody and wild. We are here to live simple. You are very welcome, Alannah x

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