Fathers Day

IMG_E2401Hello Fathers day 2019,

I would like to pay homage to all the amazing dads out there, both the ones that are here and the ones that are gone. My father died in 2006, it feels like only yesterday. I sat and held his hand while they turned off the life support machine….the moment they turned off the machine, something inside of me died too that day. I miss him every day. I have a son who never met my father, but who knows him through stories of wax jackets and welly boots, a carpenter with big rough hands who created art made of wood, a man who loved his dogs, and all animals nature had to offer…he had kindness to give to anyone who entered into his life. He was a gentle man who gave more than he ever got.

Fathers day is also a day to recognise those dads who are dads, but whose babies did not stay, to those dads who have not yet had the opportunity to take home their baby from hospital and watch as their little one grows up, to the dad who doesn’t get to hear the word ‘daddy’, for those who never get to see their baby’s first steps, and for the father who never gets to take his child to their first day of school……these are the forgotten dads. To you fathers who only got to hold your babies for a short time, then had to say good bye.

Its recognising the dads who are not the biological dads, but have embraced fatherhood in all its ups and downs, who have taken on those children in love and kindness through obstacles and selflessness. I have so much admiration for those fathers who have embraced fatherhood when the child is not their own biological child, yet they call themselves Dad.

I had two babies, one baby could not stay, both babies from different fathers, and both fathers not wanting to be a part of their lives, I have been both mum and dad and am proud, proud of who my son is becoming, and proud of what I have managed to do. Being a single parent is the most rewarding thing I have ever been able to do, and I am stronger for it. This does not disregard that I feel sad he missed so many years of having a father in his life. But we all have obstacles and we are all fearful at times, we are all grieving at times, and we are all unsure. But out of the grief, loss and fear….there comes hope and new possibilities.

Happy Fathers day……..









Author: alannahdawson

I write because I love words, nature, mountains and the sea, so I bring it all together in my blog. I packed up life in Dublin and moved with my eight year boy, two dogs and our hamster Bear, to Sligo in the West of Ireland, where the mountains reach the seas, the weather is moody and wild. We are here to live simple. You are very welcome, Alannah x

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