Define Strength

IMG_E2714‘The definition of strength is the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure.’

Is strength getting up again and again after you fall. 

Is it putting a smile on your face when inside it feels like there’s a volcano that has erupted the size of Ireland. 

Is it pushing forward when all you want to do is curl up in bed and hide from the world. 

Is it working to inspire others while you yourself feel completely empty of inspiration. 

Is it pushing through your pain instead of sitting patiently as it bleeds out in a messy fog of hurt. 

Is strength finding the courage to leave your lover after he’s abused you for 10 years. 

Is strength walking away from someone you love cause your not being treated right. 

Is strength ‘getting over’ the the death of a loved one, having miscarriage after miscarriage and your friends telling you to ‘hang in there’. Or delivering your stillborn baby, then trying to go back to living a ‘normal’ life.

Is strength saying NO when you’ve spent your whole life saying yes?


Is strength being vulnerable and open to pain

Admitting when you don’t feel strong

Sitting with hurt in your heart

Saying sorry when your in the wrong

Reaching out to a friend

Accepting when a loved one dies, allowing grieving for that loss

Strength is forgiving that person who wronged you in your life

Strength is saying NO

It’s giving hope to others 

It’s being yourself when everything around you feels shaky

It’s holding your own in confrontation and knowing your truth

It’s living your truth, knowing your boundaries 

It’s being able to ask for help, its self-care

It’s leaning into the discomfort 

Its knowing when to step back

It’s finding peace with yourself and not searching for external acceptance. 

Strength is loving others unconditionally. 

Strength is loving yourself first. 

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Author: alannahdawson

I write because I love words, nature, mountains and the sea, so I bring it all together in my blog. I packed up life in Dublin and moved with my eight year boy, two dogs and our hamster Bear, to Sligo in the West of Ireland, where the mountains reach the seas, the weather is moody and wild. We are here to live simple. You are very welcome, Alannah x

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